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Connecting and Sharing

Variety Plus PR & Consulting is a London-based agency, committed to the promotion of British business in China and the introduction of Chinese brands into UK through our in-depth understanding of both countries, sophisticated planning with creativity and practicability, comprehensive implementation of cross-cultural marketing strategies as well as collaborative engagement with various content partners and media partners.

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Associate with Panda iMedia Group

Panda iMediaGroup is a Chinese top new media marketing agency founded in 2014. It has 1700 influential bloggers, key opinion leaders and Internet celebrities actively serving its affiliated Panda iMedia Association, with 7000+ active social media accounts targeting 6 million Chinese online users.

Panda iMedia headquarters in Beijing, with two branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It serves numerous leading Chinese brands such as, Lenovo, China Telecom and Tencent. Panda iMedia has been expanding its blueprint globally and sets up offices in Oregon and New Mexico in the U.S in 2015. Now V Plus is the exclusive strategic partner of Panda iMedia in the UK and European market to support its new business development.

To work with V Plus, our clients will have exclusive and unique access to over 1700 influential Chinese bloggers and key opinion leaders.

Strategical Partnership with

WE Culture Connect is a London based cross-cultural company that facilitates communication between the UK and China in the industry of theatrical production and art education. WE assists UK theatre companies in developing their global audiences and helps content producers to meet China’s fast growing demand for quality theatrical productions. WE also provides top class expertise in theatre and art to students, professionals and artists in China, offering workshops, short-term courses, and tailor-made educational trips to the UK.

As the exclusive copyright holder of London’s most popular immersive theatre show Alice’s Adventure Underground in China, WE works exclusively with V Plus to take this show touring in China at Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu from 2017 to 2019.

Strategical Partnership with

Xin Studio is a photography studio equipped with professional facilities based in central London. Xin Li, the founder of the studio, is an experienced photographer who has been working for media, commercial and private clients for more than 8 years. The Studio helps clients to present their best, keeps their photos stylish, and captures the moments of brilliancy. Its work has been adopted by many mainstream media, such as GQ Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Nouvelles D’Europe and Orientouch Entertainment. As a special partner, Xin Studio has also been working closely with many Chinese celebrities including Wen Liu, Kris Wu and Huohuo Han.

What we do

We do what we specialize in and we go deeper

  • Integrated PR & Marketing Strategy Consulting

    V Plus is much more than a traditional PR agency. At V Plus, we help clients navigate through the current complex media and marketing landscape in China– traditional and digital. We generate creative ideas, activate practical campaigns and use our expertise in both eastern and western culture to amplify brands and drive results.

  • China’s KOLs and Celebrities liaison and management

    Not only reaching over 1700 bloggers, vloggers and KOLs through our exclusive local partner Panda iMedia in China, V Plus also liaises with you creative video producers, writers, influential bloggers and even A-list Chinese celebrities. Based on our previous work experiences and valuable networking, V Plus has strong connection with China’s film and entertainment industry, enabling us to have multiple accesses to China’s leading writers, actors and icons.

  • Content Marketing

    We bring clients to the people they want to reach, by making connections and creating imaginative content that consumers want to share and remember. From photograph to video, from social media post to bilingual press stories, we create culture. We go deeper.

  • Event Planning and Implementation

    When it comes to PR event planning, there is a lot to consider. Whatever your purpose for hosting an event is, we are the right people you are looking for to amplify brand reputation and make a difference between a good event and a great event.

  • Resources Matching and Optimization

    The Chinese digital/traditional landscape differs hugely from that of the West and to launch a brand is China requires considerable efforts and involves potential risks. We work on well-planned campaigns and strategies, and select the most optimised methods and partners to ensure the clients get the best return possible.

  • Media Relationship Management

    With more than 6 years working with leading media, nationally and internationally, our team - including former journalists from top-tier media group, ensure that your message is delivered to the right people in the right way.

  • MCN Agent and Creative Video Production

    We work closely with China’s leading UGC/PUGC platforms to explore creative contents worldwide. We help great vloggers, producers and directors to expand their channels in China with high earnings and direct monetization opportunities.